Location: Marina da Glória – Rio de Janeiro
Av. Infante Dom Henrique S/N, Glória – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil
Date: 31 October, 01-02 de november, 2024


Green Rio

Marina da Glória is located in the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Close to the city center of Rio de Janeiro and next to Santos Dumont Airport, Marina da Glória is fully integrated into the city and Parque do Flamengo, with easy access..

By car: Marina da Glória has outsourced parking next to the exhibition pavilion. Access via Av. Infante Don Henrique, at Aterro do Flamengo. Coming from the city center or Santos Dumont Airport, make the bypass before reaching Botafogo beach.

By Metro (Glória Station) + 10 minutes on foot: the Green Rio organization met with Rio de Janeiro City Hall and the Municipal Guard in order to verify the suggested access between Metrô Glória and Marina da Glória. The following image has the description. The walk between the Glória subway and the entrance to Marina da Glória can be done in ten minutes:

By boat: Contact the Marina (ECO 37) on VHF 68 or 16 to inform you of arrival.

By plane or helicopter: Santos Dumont Airport

Contact email: 




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