Green Rio and Rio Orgânico 2014

Held again at the “Tom Jobim Space” in the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens, Green Rio 2014 will be remembered for the increased space available for exhibitors and for the quality of its content: 22 lecturers discussed important themes, from production and research to the legacy of mega events.

Em In 2015, Green Rio will raise its international profile, both in the exhibitors and speakers area and in the Green Rio Business Round.

One of the highlights of Green Rio 2014 was the presentation of the results of a survey carried out by a partnership involving UNEP, Planeta Orgânico and Sebrae, with support from SENAC RIO, about the sustainable management of food waste from restaurants.

This was the first survey carried out in Latin America using a methodology established by UNEP.

GREEN RIO Business Round

Since its first edition, the Green Rio event has been promoting a Business Round involving the gastronomy and tourism sectors.

Each year there is an increase in the number of meetings in the Green Rio Business Round.

The new participants in the Green Rio Round, both on the side of supply and demand, reflect the importance and dynamism of this initiative.

In 2015, the Green Rio Round will have as a partner the Brazilian Association of Exporters and Importers of Foods and Beverages (“A.B.B.A.”), which will bring international buyers to this event.

The president of A.B.B.A., Raquel Salgado, will be one of the speakers at the Green Rio 2015 Conference.

RIO 2016 – The caterers involved in the 2016 Olympic Games will also be invited to the Green Rio Round, where they will have the opportunity to meet the exhibitors at this event.

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