L’Oréal Brasil Pesquisa & Inovação

Brazil has the greatest biodiversity on the planet and is the fourth largest beauty market in the world, so it is a strategic country for L’Oréal. We demonstrate our long-term commitment in the Brazilian market with the opening of a state-of-the-art P&I Center in Rio, three years ago. The Research and Innovation Center has two missions: to accelerate the local development of innovations in categories where Brazilians are highly demanding, such as hair care, sun protection and hygiene, with the potential to launch worldwide. And make L’Oréal’s best innovations relevant to Brazilian and Latin American consumers through local developments and the customization of global technologies. We innovate through new ways of working, which are open and collaborative, enhanced by digital, and which leverage sustainability as an innovation. Our products are developed with a focus on the needs and desires of consumers. 

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