Green Rio Online Business will offer direct meetings with buyers and promotion of your company during the month of October!
The advantages of digital technology can be seen here: 


Branding of supporters or sponsors at the beginning of the conference and webinars in October 
Participation in Green Rio Online digital business meetings to be held over two days in October through audio / video meetings. Representatives and buyers from Brazil and abroad will be part of this exclusive initiative; 

Marketing at Green Rio website with an exclusive page, containing:

  • company / organization description and logo;
  • dissemination of products with images;
  • video of the participant;
  • institutional information;
  • social media and other contacts; 
Promotion in the Green Rio Online digital catalog GOING BIO with description of the participant and logo, permanently available on the internet; 
Promotion of the participant in the campaign during the month of October in the digital medias of Green Rio and Planeta Orgânico;

Get in touch to know participation values!

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Green Rio Online Supporting and / or Sponsoring Companies will have no cost of participation for Green Rio Online Business. Find out more by requesting us through the form above!

Note: Different companies wishing to participate with a single representative are charged individually.



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