Café Iranita 100% Arabica

Co-expositor do Ministério da Agricultura,
Pecuária e Abastecimento – MAPA

Café Iranita 100% Arabica is a product of family farming, produced in sustainable crops in Purilândia, 2nd district of Porciúncula / RJ, Northwest Fluminense, with an altitude ranging from 400 to 600m.
The property was born in 1993, and takes the name Sítio Iranita, which comes from the union of names: Irany and Nita, parents of the owner, Olympio Matheus Ribeiro. Returning to his origins, Olympio discovered part of his own history: The Ladeira family, his mother’s surname, out of religious sentiments, promised to donate the land for the construction of a chapel there. Then “Tapera” was born, the old name of Purilândia. As Tapera grew, so did the region’s coffee production. Coffee growing is part of the history of Purilândia and the northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

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